What of these other fours?
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 This blog focuses on similarities between others' four-folds, tetrads, tetrachotomies, and mine, and includes links to online information on others’ fours in their own terms. It results from overgrowth of an old post at The Tetrast "What of these other fours?".
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Fours that I've
adopted or adapted:
Fours with a striking
likeness to mine:
Fours involving some
likeness to mine:
More-or-less different fours:
Unless otherwise stated within the post, first posted on Friday, December 5, 2008. Post times here are just a device to control the order of appearance. Most of the posts are based on entries in an older post "What of These Other Fours?" at The Tetrast.
The Quadralectics of Marten Kuilman

The Quadralectics of Marten Kuilman. He seems to be particularly interested in a four-way version of dialogical structure, and in bringing it to light in old systems of thought, but his main interest right now is in applying his ideas to architecture. I have had some contact with the genial Kuilman during the past year, and he sent me some material. I’ve read some parts a number of times, explored other parts, but I really do have trouble understanding it, particularly the mathematics. I also suspect that his very European philosophical context makes his conceptions (e.g., his conception of “visibility”) harder for me to understand. In such situations, sometimes it is best to plow ahead, in hopes of catching broad gists and then working one’s way down to some of the more difficult stuff. That hasn’t worked yet for me in this case.

Update: Kuilman has an English-language blog quadriformisratio and a Dutch-language blog tetragonusmundus (and here is tetragonusmundus as Google-Englished). At the Dutch site there is a post "Dertig jaar verder" on various four-folds including a reference to me! Here it is as Google-Englished: "Thirty years later". Google translates a remark of his as "He continues with a kaleidoscopic overview of fourth men, with little connection (other than a numerological) can be seen." It's true, I find little general connection among the various four-folds of other people that I recount. Google translates vierdelingen as "fourth men" — vierdelingen looks like "fourthlings"! I like that.

Update: Here's another website by Kuilman: Quadralectic Architecture.

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