What of these other fours?
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 This blog focuses on similarities between others' four-folds, tetrads, tetrachotomies, and mine, and includes links to online information on others’ fours in their own terms. It results from overgrowth of an old post at The Tetrast "What of these other fours?".
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Fours that I've
adopted or adapted:
Fours with a striking
likeness to mine:
Fours involving some
likeness to mine:
More-or-less different fours:
Unless otherwise stated within the post, first posted on Friday, December 5, 2008. Post times here are just a device to control the order of appearance. Most of the posts are based on entries in an older post "What of These Other Fours?" at The Tetrast.
Jacques Lacan's Four Discourses
Jacques Lacan's Four Discourses — Master, University, Hysteric, and Analyst. I wouldn't go along with a presumptive attitude of authority = bad, resistance = good. Yet, I do discern a certain weak but unmistakable echo of some of my fourfolds. In order to resist verbosity, maybe I can get away with bit of connect-the-dots.
Lacan (Source: Veryard Projects at http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~rxv/books/lacan.htmSlavoj Zizek's example
from the opera Don Giovanni
(Source: Veryard Projects at
Tetrastic echoes, not equivalents (mine). Imagine the items in this column as if they had been qualified or altered a little in order to apply in particular to academic knowledge and discourse. Note: I don't share Lacan's & Zizek's antipathy toward non-socialist power and wealth. Update: I've learned that Zizek is quite the enfant terrible, profitably praising Hitler & Stalin (snifter clink to David Thompson).
Discourse of the MasterStruggle for mastery / domination / penetration. Based on Hegel's Master/Slave paradox.Don Ottavio inauthentic,
Power. Ruling/governing arts.
Discourse of the UniversityProvision and worship of "objective" knowledge - usually in the unacknowledged service of some external master discourse.Leporelloinauthentic,
Wealth, means. Productive arts.
Discourse of the HystericSymptoms embodying and revealing resistance to the prevailing master discourse.Donna Elviraauthentic,
Splendor, glamour, "wattage," etc. The affective, expressive, "consumptual" arts.
Discourse of the AnalystDeliberate subversion of the prevailing master discourse.Donna Annaauthentic,
Honor, standing, legitimacy. The "ruminative arts" -- maths & sciences.
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