What of these other fours?
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 This blog focuses on similarities between others' four-folds, tetrads, tetrachotomies, and mine, and includes links to online information on others’ fours in their own terms. It results from overgrowth of an old post at The Tetrast "What of these other fours?".
Table of Contents

Fours that I've
adopted or adapted:
Fours with a striking
likeness to mine:
Fours involving some
likeness to mine:
More-or-less different fours:
Unless otherwise stated within the post, first posted on Friday, December 5, 2008. Post times here are just a device to control the order of appearance. Most of the posts are based on entries in an older post "What of These Other Fours?" at The Tetrast.
Pythagoras's Tetractys

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Pythagoras’s Tetractys — its numerological imagery has seemed little correlated to my fours and, in some ways, quite discorrelated, except perhaps in certain of its outlines such as turn up in an account of traditional four-symbolism by Penelope Merritt).
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